CRM,Salesforce Features of Salesforce CRM for a Non-Profit Org

Features of Salesforce CRM for a Non-Profit Org

Salesforce Non-profit CRM

A full functioned CRM is a need for the non-profit organization. The main motto of the non-profit organizations is to build relationships and make a strong connection with donors and members. For that, it is needed to manage a strong network of contacts. and need to send regular emails about various events and progress of the NGO. It is required to keep them posted about each happenings.

As per our previous experience in Salesforce CRM technology and due to its numerous functionalities, I can suggest you that It is the best choice for the management of a Non-Profit Org. It has a separate cloud for a non-profit business known as Non-Profit Cloud. It provides the 360-degree view of all the modules.

With Non-Profit Cloud, you can achieve all your mission. you can track and measure real-time data, helps in raising more funds due to AI-driven insights on donors, better program management, and measurement, marketing engagement, reporting and more. It is fully customizable, so you can customize it according to your need.

Though It has many important features, let us discuss the main features of using Salesforce CRM for your Nonprofit business:

Centralized data repository:

This platform will give you a powerful and flexible centralize repository to manage the non-profit’s data into a single system. The data related to various programs, clients, fundraising, and operations etc will be available in one place.

Easy integration with 3rd party tools:

If you require to integrate different other tools into your CRM, It is possible with a large set of 3rd party tools which is available on Salesforce Appexchange marketplace. These apps can save you from developing custom applications. And also there are many apps which is available for free or on discount for non-profits organizations. Those apps are developed specifically according to the need of non-profit org. Like, the apps to track volunteers and case management, to manage auctions and many more.

Accessibility to NPSP:

NPSP(Non-profit Success pack) is a free and open source donor and constituent management app developed by Salesforce. It includes many customizations which are essential for the full functioning of a Non-Profit Org.

Easily accessible with mobile devices:

Since Salesforce runs on a cloud server there is no need to maintain any server. Hence it can be accessed on any device anytime you want.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics:

The reporting and analytics tool of Salesforce CRM is highly effective and provide you the insights of your donor with the highest donation, top donors, participants count in each program, involvement of the member in one or more program.

Better Project Management:

Beside the management of your donor, the Salesforce CRM can be useful in many ways. With this, you can manage your staff and volunteers well. You will also be able to manage reviews, create workflows and other tasks to be assigned to staff, volunteers and different board members.

Powerful Security and flexible work-flow automation:

Salesforce provides security to the data and limits the visibility of crucial and confidential information. Like donation information. The Salesforce CRM easily automate the common processes of the non-profit org. such as sending email to key staffs and clients, creation of different tasks to assign the management and staff, sending weekly volunteer activity plan to the volunteer manager, etc.

       Free License and discounts: provides license donations and discounts for few qualified nonprofit organizations with their Power of Us Program.

At Scideas Solutions, We have vast experience in Salesforce CRM (NPSP or Non-Profit cloud) for Non-Profit  Organizations. Contact Us to know the best CRM solution for your Non-Profit org and for a free demo.

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