Augmented Reality,CRM,Customer Support,Latest Technology Trends,Salesforce,Virtual Reality How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are Transforming the Customer Experiences

How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are Transforming the Customer Experiences

Augmented Reality

How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are Transforming the Customer Experiences

Augmented Reality is a technology that consists of computer-generated layers on the top of existing reality that make you feel like it’s real and as it is actually happening. It puts virtual objects in a real-time environment.

Now, let’s understand the word Augment  It is a concept that allows its users to see their products in a real-life environment(3D view) through AR apps via smartphones or tablets.

The rapid development in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality brings pressure and Competition among enterprises, startups, and entrepreneurs. Previously AR and VR were mostly been used and considered for entertainment purposes only.

But today, the scenario is we cannot estimate the real abilities of AR and VR. Opportunities are tremendous. It has the capability to take the customer experience to the next level beyond your imagination.

AR and VR are possibly two of the biggest technology trends right now in the entire tech world. That is the reason enterprises are making an inclination towards incorporating these technologies into their products and services.

They have started testing and thereby implementing these technologies into their work environment and growing their capabilities.

Benefits of AR and VR applications for the Enterprises:

1. Well Organised Work Process:

AR provides businesses with faster and simpler working methods to the employees.

2. Enhances productivity:

The streamlined process leads to better productivity.

3. Detection and Prevention of error before they occur:

Due to AR, It is possible to detect the error or defect before it could damage/harm the system.

4. Real-time analysis of the data:

It provides real-time data analysis that helps its users to track the actual performance of the service or product.

5. Improve decision-making power and outcomes:

AR/VR helps in making a quick and accurate decision because of its specialty to put a real-world object into the virtual reality helps customers to make a quick decision without any second thought.

6. Saves development time and reduces development cost:

With the help of AR, It becomes easy to complete the task in less time and hence it reduces the cost of development. It Provides aid to the workers or employees that leads to better productivity in less time.

Now the question is how to implement AR and VR to increase the consumer experience?

There is no doubt in the fact that today’s market is the consumer-oriented market. From designing a product until advertising to selling it, everything revolves around the customer only and how better you present your products to them.

Businesses keep trying their hands on the different emerging technologies to attract customers. likewise, they are trying to adopt AR and VR. The applications based on these technologies allow better interaction with the product.

Let’s say for example, you can visualize how the sofa will look like in your living room. Different sectors like banking, automotive, retail, travel, consumer products, and hospitality are using AR/VR to increase their customers’ experiences.

As for Example, Real-Estate companies are opting for the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality app development applications for offering a better property view to the client. So that they can explore either the built or planned project from various angles.

AR/VR apps are useful in all the sectors. It is making their way in the education and training sector too and It is highly helpful in the healthcare sector. With the help of AR, doctors can perform major virtual heart surgeries and reduces the risk of any failure.

Like these, there are various situations in the health sector where AR would be a great help. It is also being used in engineering, design, and analysis purposes.

Application Of Augmented Reality in Salesforce CRM

Salesforce has Launched Augment for Salesforce that is integrated into the Salesforce 1 App. By using that app you can select your model, launch its augment, bring it to life, and get the real experience of the products.

Visualizing your product in real-time at your client environment will give you an impactful sales presentation than ever before and hence will help you to close more deals. You can get the Augment on the Salesforce App Exchange and experience its benefits.

Challenges and Consequences:

Nothing in this world comes with only good things. That’s the case with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality too. It also has some challenges that need to know. The VR devices are a bit costly right now.

And it requires the special configuration and should be capable of running VR devices on your PC or mobile.

In the end, We can understand that the possibilities in AR and VR are endless that will get improved by the time. With AR Customer will get to experience the services that are unimaginable and enormous.

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