Salesforce,Salesforce Lightning All You Need to Know About Lightning Web Components

All You Need to Know About Lightning Web Components


All You Need to Know About Lightning Web Components

Recently, Salesforce has released Lightning Web Components. By this move, the Lightning platform exceeded one step closer to using web standards of UI development.

It is really a good move by the Salesforce community, as it helps in learning and utilizing skills that are not confined to the Salesforce ecosystem.

What is the Lightning Web Components?

The lightning Web components are somewhat similar to the existing Lightning Components but many things have changed on the architecture level. Where Lightning Components uses its own programming standards and component model, the Lightning Web component uses modern web programming standards that allow developers to create web components that can work within the Salesforce Lightning platform.

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Lightning web components are more efficient and faster than the Lightning platform. In general, web components allow us to combine UI and processing but Salesforce Lightning web components provide additional capabilities along with those. That includes security, access to server services/data. It provides security and lightning data services. With these additional capabilities, we can create standard web components compatible with Salesforce Lightning platform.

Primary Features:

Systemized for enhanced productivity — Lightning Web Components uses the modern language of the web, and including support for ES6+, that gives developers enough room to use the most modern JavaScript features like classes, modules and imports.

Engineered for performance — Along with the Lightning Web Components, most of the code is executed natively by the browser instead of JavaScript abstractions, leads to faster component performance and a better overall end-user experience.

Compatible and easy to use — Lightning Web Components can run parallelly with Aura Components (Aura is the existing programming model, built by Salesforce in 2015) and, once created, can be similarly leveraged by admins and business users to create and customize apps with clicks, not code.

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The usage of lightning web components is similar to custom lightning components. It can also be utilized to create standalone components, which can be embedded with the following:

    • Lightning Applications
    • Custom Lightning components
    • Visualforce page
    • Lightning components

Lightning Web Components is available now and will run in any Salesforce Org. To create a Lightning Web Component, customers will need an Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance, or Developer Edition org.

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