Commerce Cloud,Latest Technology Trends,Salesforce Salesforce Introduces Image Search to Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Introduces Image Search to Commerce Cloud

Einstein Visual Search

Salesforce Introduces Image Search to Commerce Cloud

In 2016, Salesforce acquired Demandware, from then Salesforce Commerce Cloud came into existence. As a larger number of industries started its emergence into e-commerce. In that league, Salesforce too proposed to expand and the idea behind launching Commerce Cloud commenced.

The main aim of e-commerce exposure by the company was to target the major retailers that consisted of Demandware’s customer base.

Salesforce tends to improve its products in a continuous manner. They are improving Commerce Cloud’s personalization capabilities that are powered by AI with new features and is adding new tools on the platform as well.

The recent and major update on this platform is ‘Einstein Visual Search’. It is a unique image search feature that provides users with an easy way to search for the products using snaps.

It doesn’t include text. It consists of Einstein Recommendations API as well that allows retailers to integrate Einstein-driven product recommendations with their E-commerce sites.

Apart from all this, Salesforce is restructuring its inventory availability service, which will allow retailers to operate inventory in real-time across distributions centres and stores.

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It can also be linked to the Recommendation Engine, so any app or site can recommend something that is in stock in a nearby store to a user.

Salesforce also announced the release of a new Commerce API Explorer, which lets developers search across an API library and test different calls and functions.

For example, On the basis of customer’s preferences and click paths, It will showcase products that are in stock nearby on location-aware apps(Instagram/Uber), all with the help of recommendations in AI-driven applications. With a bit of technical support, retailers using Commerce Cloud can implement these features easily.

For the developers, Salesforce is rolling out on-demand sandboxes, through which developers can call up references of their commerce site and all APIs and then prototype examples.

There’s also a new Commerce Cloud Developer Trailhead and Commerce API Explorer portal as well.

As far as the availability is concerned, the Commerce Cloud Einstein Visual Search feature is currently in under development and testing phase and will be generally available in the second half of 2019.

On-demand Developer Sandboxes are currently in beta and will be available till the first half of 2019. Commerce Cloud Einstein Recommendations API is also in beta, with no exact information about when it will be available.

However, The Open Commerce API Explorer portal is available now.

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