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All You Need To Know About SuiteCRM


SuiteCRM is a great open source alternative to those proprietary CRM systems like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. So, there is no need to invest hundreds & thousands of dollars on a good CRM system. Because It provides a cheaper and better way to manage your customer data.

SuiteCRM is one of the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications, that can reduce your implementation costs by as much as 80%. It has the functions and capability to compete with some of the big names in CRM like Oracle, Salesforce Microsoft Dynamics etc.

It can be easily modified and downloaded & can be used with no hassle. Its amazing features and services make it one of the best open source CRM service providers in the market currently.

Why it would be beneficial to you?

If you are looking for a CRM provider, you must have lots of things on your mind which you want to be there in your CRM from doing things quickly to more efficiently. SuiteCRM helps you do both effectively. Some of the features that make it stand out in the competitive market are as follows.

1. Enhanced Customer Service
SuiteCRM comes with lots of automation, thus it helps in increasing reach to the customer. You can use it to get insights of each customer behaviour and pattern. You can track your regular conversations with them through an enhanced customer care service.

2. Faster reach to more customers
Since It is open source, there is no vendor involved so it can be used on your own server(private cloud) or a public cloud. This lets you increase your customer number by thousands in very less time.

3. Effective customer support
It provides excellent customer support services to solve all the complaints as soon as it arises.

4. Appreciated by all its users
It is free to use by all and provides 100% customer satisfaction, that’s why appreciated among its users all over the world. SuiteCRM services are used by different firms, and the exact customer service ensures that you aren’t stuck anywhere. The company has also been awarded as a best open source CRM software.

5. Continuous Update
The company keep itself updated every year by releasing a new version to improvise our services and the best thing It is all open source, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra costs for anything.

6. Customisation On demand
Every business has different work-model so the needs, for that they need a good CRM software that can help them reach out to their customers in the best way possible. SuiteCRM offers it all.

The extensive features make it stand out in the current market. It is popular and extremely liked by the businesses because of several services it provides that include customizations, migrations, integration, hosting, training, and support.
The description of the services that you can map with SuiteCRM for your business are discussed below:

  • Migrations: Migrations can be done easily with other 3rd party software like Salesforce, Dynamics, NetSuite, and others can be done.
  • Integration: SuiteCRM can be integrated easily with WordPress, Google, Joomla, outlook and much more.
  • Hosting packages of SuiteCRM allow doing many things with your Bigdata.
  • Support for any of your problems is easily gets solved by their expert. You can also access the suitecrm forums to discuss your CRM-related issues anytime for free.


There are around four different releases every year so that you can expect to experience the best all the time. SuiteCRM is one of the best CRM service providers in current times. Go ahead and experience the power of SuiteCRM, without paying anything you would have elsewhere. You can check out the Demo Of SuiteCRM first before the actual use.

We at Scideas are expert in developing custom SuiteCRM web applications for the businesses in need of affordable yet feature-rich CRM solutions.
Our team of experts not only design and develop the SuiteCRM applications but also we takes care of training to the client for maximum utilisation of the CRM application. Contact Us to get a free consultation.

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