General AI: Its Significance in Today’s World

AI: Its Significance in Today’s World

What is AI?

AI(Artificial Intelligence) is a concept or an approach which makes machines work in an intelligent way, like the way a human mind works. The complex computer programs infused into machines to achieve artificial intelligence so that it can mimic human thought processes, such as learning, perception and solving problems.

The objective behind artificial intelligence is to make human life easy. and it’s been applied in diverse domains such as engineering, economics, linguistics, law, manufacturing, and medicine etc, for a variety of prediction, modelling and decision support. But above all AI has been rigorously used for the Internet especially to make search engines better by continuously improving their ranking algorithms.

Recently Linux has launched an open source Platform named Acumos AI. It’s a framework that makes it easy to build, share and deploy AI apps. Acumos standardizes the infrastructure and components required to empower an AI environment. This helps to free up data scientists and developers to focus on core competencies and drives innovation.

It is the part of LF Deep Foundation(Associated with Linux Foundation). Acumos is freely available to download at LF Deep Learning Foundation. It is the first to give users a visual workflow to design AI and ML applications, as well as provide a free marketplace for sharing AI solutions and data models. The Acumos framework is user-centric and simple to explore.

Advantages of AI

1. Increases work efficiency

2. Work with high accuracy and reduce errors

3. Digital Assistants

4. Highly useful in medical applications

5. AI fastens the decision-making process and can make smart decisions.

6. It can operate 24*7 without any break or interruption.

So the conclusion is, Everything that has been created in this world are the continuous result of intelligence and dedication. And in that row, Artificial intelligence is something that augments and empowers human intelligence to the greatest extent. So it’s up to on us to keep this technology beneficial. Its benefits and risks should be carefully analyzed before employing it for human convenience.

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