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Benefits of AI Powered Salesforce Einstein Analytics.


  • What is Salesforce Einstein Analytics?

Einstein analytics is one of the most advanced and updated CRM analytics platform launched by Salesforce last year. It has all the set of artificial intelligence capabilities which allows its users to have insights of CRM functions automatically that helps them to serve their customer better.

  • How does it help to serve better?

Salesforce puts AI capabilities into all its cloud to get every benefit of it for its customers by bringing Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Natural Language Processing into each piece of its CRM platform.

For instance, In salesforce’s Sales cloud, machine learning’s Predictive Lead Scoring tool can analyze all data related to each lead.

Another great tool that helps in analyzing CRM data of customer interactions done by emails, webinar, campaigns etc to identify buying behaviour of the customer and based on that it recommends further steps to increase the chances of closing the deal.

In Service cloud, AI tools help to improve productivity by suggesting a prioritized list of response based on case history, context and communication history.

Apart from above tools, Another great feature of AI tool here is known as Einstein Discovery. That conducts various statistical checks to check the validity of trends and quickly analyze huge amounts of data to explain causes and suggest different ways to fix that and also predicts the consequences of not doing so.

  • New Improvements with Salesforce AI:

Recently in March 2018, Salesforce launches a tool called Conversational queries with Einstein Analytics. This tool will allow its users to have a conversation with their data. With this tool, a user can type questions and phrases related to their business data and then It displays the results in automatically configured charts.

A user can make any kind of query such as, “ show accounts with highest annual revenue” or “rank the customer with highest purchase rate” etc.

It’s intelligence able to understand every complicated question related to data and display results in the form of a bar chart, graph, or a map format to look results by location.

Hence, with these exciting features of an Einstein Cloud, It surely can be really helpful and important for your smooth business flow and to achieve remarkable business goals.

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