Salesforce,Technology Benefits Of Salesforce and Quip Integration!

Benefits Of Salesforce and Quip Integration!

What is Quip?

Quip is a Cloud-based productivity suite and task collaboration solution that helps businesses to work in an unstoppable way that allows users to combines documents, spreadsheets, task lists, and team to chat in one place, so the team members can get more work done together. This solution is available for both mobile and web too.

With Quip software users can create as well as edit docs, spreadsheets and group members can chat and comment on files too.

How Salesforce + Quip Communicate?

Quip Originally founded in 2012 and bought by Salesforce in 2016. Its key benefit is It makes team Collaboration lot easier.”

Its integration with Salesforce has become highly effective for its users. As it helps to connect a variety of documents into the CRM system and helps team members to chat at one central hub from anywhere and anytime. It connects everyone altogether at one place doesn’t matter wherever the location is across the world. It provides flexibility to work across several different devices.

This results in cut down on unnecessary meetings and emails.

The major benefit of using Quip along with Salesforce is, all the tasks and functions are done in real time. It has the option to mention and link document, spreadsheet, and folder to a particular team member or group. They can also create bulleted points of tasks and turn them into a checklist by using Quip.

Salesforce deepen its collaboration by introducing Salesforce files connect for Quip. With this, live quip documents and spreadsheets gets integrated into Salesforce. That further can be used to attach to Chatter feeds, groups or for business records.

Main Features:

1. It involves Quip’s lightning component, that means any editing, accessing and linking of documents, spreadsheets and checklists can be done directly within Salesforce records.

2. Since Quip now supports live data within documents and spreadsheets. That eliminates the need of adding files/data manually. So, If anything changes within salesforce, It automatically reflected within the document.


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