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Machine Learning: An intelligent way towards smarter CRM

CRM system Stores a large number of customer data. Those data are extracted from sales and marketing activities and customer support. And they are only structured data which is not enough for better decision making. In that case Machine learning leads to a great help and can add wings to your CRM solution. It will help to improve overall customer engagement.

Take a look at possible advancements of machine learning with CRM System

Machine Learning is more like an Artificial intelligence, Which guides computers or machine to learn automatically and improve its functionality from experience without the need of explicit programming. The technology enables machines to perform any tasks after being programmed by using analysis of historical data. It analyses customer’s past buying patterns and helps predict future decision-making for possible outcomes of a consumer.

Machine learning helps CRM to increase in ROI and drive better outcomes.

How CRM and machine learning works.

1. By analyzing the past customer interaction with the CRM and their purchase behavior. It ensures, what actions and data would lead to great outcomes. For more customer satisfaction.

2. It interprets every new customer interaction with the CRM and based on that, recommends best future actions that influence great outcomes.

3. It helps to automatically update its learning process based on customer past behavior and interaction with the CRM system. No need of injecting any manual inputs.

4. It helps you to find out and optimizing hidden insights from the vast pool of data. That leads to manage effectively, understand the needs of your customer results in better serving or best service.

There are different areas where machine learning can help you extend the value of your CRM investment:

1. Make you prepare for the future:

CRM systems concentrate more on gathering historical data. on the other hand, machine learning focused on providing future actions and looks into predictive view. It looks at every interaction with the customer and based on that, makes recommendations on how to achieve better outcomes by engaging the customer according to their interest.

2. Continually updating predictions:

In Today’s changing world, everything changes so fast from data to interactions because of continuous product releases and changes in the customer lifecycle. Machine learning gets updated with them by automatically interpreting all the past interactions and actions. It saves you from doing a manual update.

3. Provide reasons for each recommendation:

CRM system gives you a 360-degree view of all your customer data at one place. But it is not capable of interpreting the type of interactions between the customer and organization. In that case, machine learning’s learning mechanism helps to find reasons behind each recommendation. This self-learning process empowers the CRM system to clarify the “Why” behind each interaction. Hence you can easily find out the reason behind any certain scenario or customer status.

4. Analyze unstructured data:

CRM only keeps track of structured data like customer contact information, revenue, customer category etc. Whereas, machine learning excels in keeping track of unstructured data such as important notes on the meeting, email text, feedbacks from customers etc. The collection of unstructured data along with structured data helps in making better decisions and drives great outcomes.

Machine learning actually adds spark to the existing CRM and transform it into a predictive intelligent system that helps you to understand your customer better and improves productivity. Hence increase in ROI.

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