General,Salesforce,Technology An Overview: Strategic Partnership Between Salesforce and Google Analytics

An Overview: Strategic Partnership Between Salesforce and Google Analytics

Salesforce Partnership with Google Analytics

Salesforce once again added new wings to its feather by joining hands with Google’s extremely popular analytics tool, Google Analytics 360  and G-suite.

Salesforce as a Global leader in CRM services is always working to provide excellent services to better understand it’s customer needs.

This integration gives businesses more reliability and better insight into its overall customer journey. One can import data directly into Google Analytics 360 from Salesforce’s Sales Cloud.

This partnership includes mainly 2 types of integration:

1. Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud with Google Analytics 360.

2. Salesforce Lightning integration with Google’s G Suite office software.


1. Helps in managing and closing the leads:

Managing leads is a tedious task and especially when proper data insights are not available from the different sources businesses are using but with this integration, marketers can easily import data from Google analytics and get a better view of customer journey that helps businesses and sales reps to close the deal faster.

2. Easy to import sales and marketing data between two different channels:

Salesforce has its own marketing data from its marketing and analytics product, marketing cloud and sales cloud and Wave and Einstein Analytics. With this integration, it allows companies to also use google analytics data by importing it into the Salesforce CRM. Due to this, It helps companies to get more clear and bigger picture view of their customers journey.

3. Easy Analysis of data from different sources:

The partnership between these two giants is providing a great solution to connect marketing, sales, and advertising data together with a top-down insight of what is working across your ads, campaigns, websites, emails, and calls . and what is not.

How it works:

Sales Cloud and Analytics 360:

  • Sales data from Analytics 360 is visible in the Marketing Cloud interface to give more and complete understanding of different campaign performance.
  • Audiences which is created in Analytics 360 will also be available in Marketing Cloud for activation via direct marketing channels, including email and SMS.
  • All the Customer interactions details from Marketing Cloud will be available in Analytics 360 too to create active audiences list.

This Partnership is surely a great add to Salesforce Cloud and will bring lots of opportunities and increase more customer base. Although It’s just the first step into a much broader partnership. They will come along with much bigger integration over the next coming years.

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