Scideas Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Salesforce Salient Sales Cloud Features of Salesforce Spring ‘23 Release

Salient Sales Cloud Features of Salesforce Spring ‘23 Release

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Build Custom Forecast Pages That Work for Your Business

Forecast page was one of the very few entities in Salesforce till now that had no customization options, but not anymore! Now you can modify and/or build forecast pages as per your requirements and this feature allow you to include standard and/or custom components on the page. You have the ability to create multiple pages with different composition of components and activate the one that suits the best to user’s needs. This is hyper-customization!  It’s easier than ever before to show accurate Collaborative Forecast data to your sales teams and leaders.

Experience a Modern Forecasts Page

Collaborative Forecasts page has a new look this time around! Many design updates were made on this page to make the page features easy-to-use and its data readily accessible. “Forecast Range” setting is taken out from the cog menu and put right on the Forecasts page. Forecast summary headers are now highlighted with navy blue color so that column headers stand out from the rest of the table rows. In case you use Pipeline Inspection, and it is enabled in your org, then a blue button “Pipeline Inspection” will pop up on top right side of the Opportunities list to navigate to Pipeline Inspection directly from Collaborative Forecasts.

Track Territory Assignment History

Now you can track “Territory Assignment History” in Enterprise Territory Management (ETM). It allows you to keep a tab on the sales reps Territory assignment start and end dates. So, it helps if you have incentives based on territory assignment start and end dates. To get started, enable assignment history in ETM settings, create a custom report type and leverage it to build a custom report.

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