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How Social Media Can Help To Make Your CRM More Intelligent?

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The success of any business depends on the effective management of customer relations and its processes. Customers are the most crucial factor for the proper functioning of a business.

According to research, “Customer emotional connect with a brand leads them to buy the services or products more likely than others”.

Almost all these customers are available on social media. Every minute, the internet encounters 973,000 logins into Facebook, 38 million WhatsApp messages, 481,000 tweets, and 174,000 scrolls on Instagram.

These numbers are Amazing. And it shows how many brands are missing out on the opportunity to engage with their customers and prospects via these mediums. However, businesses that leverage social media and make it part of their client relation strategy, enjoy much larger benefits.

Social media offers huge information about customers and prospects. Hence, social media CRM tools give a business the edge over its competition by empowering it to delight its customers and prospects.

This makes it possible to track, benchmark and engage with customers across various social platforms to provide better experiences. While your business might have CRM tools for other areas of your company’s department, you cannot leave out social media.

So, Here are 4 ways in which social media makes your company’s CRM more intelligent and effective:

1. By Tracking Customer Journey:

Marketing and sales are not only responsible for getting new customers. Instead, they are also about nurturing the current relationships, adding value and creating awareness about the services and products because, In the current era, a customer wants to be educated and engaged with, not only being sold to.

‘That’s the reason It becomes crucial to track the customer’s journey on each stage and respond to them accordingly. That’s when integrating social media with CRM helps you track your customer and make you identify how you can convert visitors into your customers and one-time buyers into your trusted long-term customers.

2. Engage and Respond to customer complaints faster:

Nowadays, Many customers and prospects connect with brands through various platforms. Keeping up with all this at the same time can become a difficult task for concerned teams.

Social media integrated with an intelligent CRM tool allows your team to have access to all the customer and prospect insights and information in a single location generated from multiple platforms.

According to research, customers who engage with a brand on a social media platform expect a message response in under an hour.

However, stat shows only 1 out of 10 brands respond to customer complaints or queries online. This ensures a huge opportunity for your business to build your reputation among customers using affordable marketing techniques.

3. Discover Potential Customers:

One of the most effective ways to find potential customers is to discover conversations among them, tags, mentions and even @name mentions. This can be done by using keywords and hashtags related to your business vertical.

These findings can be fed into your CRM to analyze, increase its intelligence, and predict behavioral patterns that appeal might intrigue to your prospects.

Along with that, your marketing team can also track branded keywords, industry keywords, your brand name misspelled, and competitor keywords and feed it into your CRM to generate more comprehensive and effective reports that offer a better return on marketing and sales investment.

4. Keyword-based automation:

Chatbots have brought a revolution in the field of technology. And integrating them in CRM is making the delivery of service quicker and more predictable.

By using a powerful social media integrated CRM tool, you can easily track, monitor and engage with the users to build better customer experiences.

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