Angular New features and improvements of Angular 5

New features and improvements of Angular 5

Angular 5 Contains bunch of new features, performance improvements and lot of bug fixes. like,

· Make AOT(Ahead-of-Time Compilation) the default
· Watch mode
· Type checking in templates
· More flexible metadata
· Remove *.ngfactory.ts files
· Better error messages
· Smooth upgrades
· Tree-Shakeable components
· Hybrid Upgrade Application
· And so on…

1. Angular 5 Performance Improvements :

· Use of addEventListener for the faster rendering and it is the core functionality.
· Update to new version of build-optimizer.
· Added some Improvements on the abstract class methods and interfaces
· Remove decorator DSL which depends on Reflect for Improve the Performance of Apps and This is the core functionality.
· Added an option to remove blank text nodes from compiled templates
· Switch Angular to use Static-Injector instead of Reflective-Injector.
· Improve the applications testing.
· Improve the performance of hybrid applications
· Improvements on Lazy loading for Angular

2. Some Improvement on HttpClient : (This is used for Applications communication with backend services over the HTTP protocol)

· Improvement on Type-checking the response
· Improvement on Reading the full response
· Improvement on Error handling and fetching error details
· Improvement on Intercepting all requests or responses
· Improvement on Logging
· Improvement on Caching
· Improvement on XSRF Protection

3. Added New Features, some of the major features are below:

· Added Representation of Placeholders to xliff and xmb in the compiler
· Added an Options Arg to Abstract Controls in the forms controls
· Added add default updateOn values for groups and arrays to form controls
· Added updateOn blur option to form controls
· Added updateOn submit option to form controls
· Added an Events Tracking Activation of Individual Routes
· Added NgTemplateOutlet API as stable in the common controls
· Create StaticInjector which does not depend on Reflect polyfill
· Added [@.disabled] attribute to disable animation children in the animations

4. Router Life Cycle Events :

Added new router life cycle events for Guards and Resolvers –
· GuardsCheckStart,
· GuardsCheckEnd,
· ResolveStart and
· ResolveEnd

5. Angular 5 Bug Fixes :

· Fixed compilation error by using the correct type for providers
· Skip PWA test when redeploying non-public commit
· Don’t strip CSS source maps. This is the compiler related fix
· Remove tsickle (language-service) dependency
· Support persisting dynamic styles within animation states
· Ignore @import in multi-line css
· Fix platform-browser-dynamic
· Forbid destroyed views to be inserted or moved in VC
· Support persisting dynamic styles within animation states

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