Salesforce Salesforce Marketing Cloud Trends to Watch in 2022

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Trends to Watch in 2022

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has continued to grow in popularity for a number of years, which means that it’s always an exciting time to be involved with Marketing Cloud. You could be a Marketing Cloud user, admin, or consulting for organisations to maximise their tech investment – regardless, everyone should be invested in keeping up to date with all that the platform offers.

The Salesforce Spring ‘22 release has arrived! For the first time, Marketing Cloud releases will be aligned with Salesforce’s release cycle. This move makes it easier for SFMC professionals to catch up on the updates, at the same time as the Salesforce core platform (a move that mirrors Pardot 2+ years ago).

Marketing Cloud enhancements with this release revolve around its additional products namely Datorama, Interaction Studio, and Einstein Analytics. These aren’t part of every Marketing Cloud package but offer impressive functionality.

Let’s first start with the key features added to Marketing Cloud in the Spring ‘22 release, then what we expect from Marketing Cloud in 2022.

Marketing Cloud Einstein

More power to Einstein. Einstein Analytics has become a more natural extension of Salesforce Marketing Cloud with its new feature that allows using Einstein Send Time Optimization for your bulk and batch send emails from Automation Studio. This feature sends the emails to your contacts at the best predicted time for each individual to maximize engagement.

Another exciting update is Einstein Engagement Scoring for Email predicts five types of engagement scores for each consumer contact in each customer’s business unit. Predictions include email opens and clicks, subscriber retention, web conversion, and overall engagement. More power to the AI helps marketers to personalize at scale using technology.

Journey Builder

Journey Builder updates include targeting customers in real-time with Journey Builder entries for push notification and in-app message engagement. More real-time events can be triggered through Journey Builder, which is essential in communication built with your customers.

Another feature that improves real-time communication via Journey Builder is the opportunity to create a direct link between your mobile app and Journey Builder and efficiently orchestrate journeys based on real-time user behavior.

What can you expect from Marketing Cloud in 2022?

Generally in 2022, Marketing Cloud will focus on improved security and privacy regulations in light of moving to the cookieless world. The updates that concern real-time interaction become more relevant since marketers want to capture the moments they share with the customers momentarily for reliable communication.

As well as that, using tools that can help connect different data points between various platforms will become an essential part of marketers’ job.

If you want to give an extra push for a wanted feature to be picked up, you can do so by upvoting it on the IdeaExchange, which is a platform where Salesforce users can propose their ideas for the platform improvement. Suggestions for the Marketing Cloud have the 6th highest place among all other categories of Salesforce products, proving how active the community is and how interested they are in making it work even better

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